INDUSTRIAL SORCERY: McKell & Cullahan [+ Concept process]
INDUSTRIAL SORCERY: McKell & Cullahan [+ Concept process]

I was really satisfied with experimenting with this simpler rendering style, I feel it suits my linework a lot! INDUSTRIAL SORCERY is a personal IP, this mini project was a small 1-week challenge where I had to produce character concepts for two of the central characters, Louis McKell and Finnegan Cullahan: a modest hunter and a narcissistic sorcerer-salesman. I wanted to improve the speed of my workflow and rendering final ideas, and I found this to be really good practice.
INDUSTRIAL SORCERY is a small fantasy RPG IP concept set in a magic-filled Victorian British Isles where England never existed; the lands instead being a hybridisation of Celtic cultures. Where fae-folk and sorcerers once ruled the lands, technological advancement and industry is quickly rendering arcane forces obsolete. In turn, certain sorcerers and magic users of eld are trying to capitalise on magic in order to stay relevant; selling anything from curses, beauty concoctions to alternative weaponry. It's basically a giant rat race of magic vs machines, with almost all the protagonists having self-centred or financial motivations.

I was personally really inspired by the Arcanum cRPG (2001); I was never able to complete it, but I remember being very intrigued by the setting and soundtrack. The idea for INDUSTRIAL SORCERY's setting being modern Celtic came from a weird idea we had about a 'British accent' where there was no English accent, and instead it was a hybrid of Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish.

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