My final contribution to the Storm Drifter project, alongside being my final piece for my BA Concept Art course! With this variant cover art the main focus was to show off the protagonist's prosthetic leg, so I aimed to do a more dramatic pose with it pointing towards the audience. I learned on the job with how to colour 3-point perspective distance, it took a bit of trial and error but I really like the hand-drawn look achieved! There is a folder for further concept art for the project if interested. :)
With civilisation relying on the skies for safe passage, bandits have taken their toll in the form of sky raiders. In retaliation, a new type of mercenary has emerged. Famous for their unique affinity with dragons, they are known as those who follow trouble: the STORM DRIFTERS. STORM DRIFTER follows the story of Wren as he must overcome past betrayals and learn to trust once again, by putting his life in the hands of a beast.

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