Wild West Fantasy Gunslinger - Costume Variations
Wild West Fantasy Gunslinger - Costume Variations

I coloured three of the costume designs for the protagonist from my final year IP, "STORM DRIFTER". As a fan of Paralympic sport, I was really happy to have the opportunity to design a cowboy-steampunk prosthetic leg! I combined Western costumes with more practical LARP-esque fantasy fashions. Some of my earlier iterations included below! More character developments of this guy are on the way. :)
STORM DRIFTER follows the journey of a newly recruited Storm Drifter, as they complete various bounties and manhunts to restore order to a fractured county, decimated by highwaymen. A key aspect of the game is travelling with your dragon companion and the bond shared between you and the creature, particularly when traversing in the wilderness- where you have to rely on each other for hunting and survival.

More artwork
Madeleine noonie barker smaller shoe fixMadeleine noonie barker screenshot 2020 03 30 at 4 53 59 pm