D&D BLACK ARBORETUM : Campaign Cover Artwork
D&D BLACK ARBORETUM : Campaign Cover Artwork

I was tasked with creating a cover illustration inspired by Dungeons & Dragons campaign books for a university assignment! Based off my idea for a non-profit fan campaign, "Druids Bane: Black Arboretum". All logos are TM Wizards of the Coast- this is purely fan-art! Scroll down to see a few of my character design sketches, if you'd like! Costume designs for Tyrrell - the human paladin - can also be found in my gallery.
"In the Holy City of Duramen a colossal, twisted tree has sprouted overnight. From its shade, a blight has risen: warping plants and druids alike into withered, demented shades of their former selves.
Gather your party on a quest to uncover the cause of this plague - to restore order within these sacred walls, or to aid darker forces..."

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