Paladin Costume Variations - BLACK ARBORETUM
Paladin Costume Variations - BLACK ARBORETUM

Inspired by Baroque and Elizabethan fashions, I painted over some costume designs I developed for an essential NPC, a paladin guard known as Tyrrell Fielderson. For the IP "Druid's Bane: Black Arboretum", my third year university project inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, where a party must discover the unnatural cause of a blight.
"In the Holy City of Duramen a colossal, twisted tree has sprouted overnight. From its shade, a blight has risen: warping plants and druids alike into withered, demented shades of their former selves.
Gather your party on a quest to uncover the cause of this plague - to restore order within these sacred walls, or to aid darker forces..."

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